Greenmed Ltd. is a privately owned Israeli based medical cannabis company.

Our top grade medical cannabis and cannabis derived products are cultivated in our self owned and operated state-of-the-art, 5,000 square meters controlled environment facility.

From our seed core genetics through our large scale cultivation, growing, manufacture and distribution, Greenmed, as well as our suppliers and collaborations, are all fully certified and compliant with all regulations and standards.

Our team includes highly experienced researchers and agricultural experts with joint experience of over 20 years in cannabis cultivation, biotechnology, and plant and soil pathology.

Our team of multidisciplinary experts come together to ensure: 

  • Consistent high quality results in each harvest
  • Optimal extraction of the raw material 
  • Effective and potent new and unique strains 
  • Innovative practices, advanced genetics and products to meet patient varied needs

Greenmed cultivates over 30 unique and high quality home strains with various THC and CBD levels. All unique strains are cultivated and grown in our facility under the close care and supervision of our scientists, our head grower and our professional team. 


We are currently working on developing more unique cannabis home strains and cannabis derived products to meet the market’s extensively growing demand and various medical indications.




Greenmed pledges to the highest safety and quality standards, as well as to the pursuit of innovative scientific research that will enable medical cannabis patients across the world to benefit from the most highly effective, safe and consistent medical cannabis products.


Greenmed meets all strict regulatory standards, yet we never stop investing in our scientific research, technology, infrastructure and development of new high-quality cannabis products.


Following our company’s ‘forward-thinking’ DNA, we aim to expand Greenmed’s premium medical cannabis’ reach worldwide.

We constantly strive for a deeper understanding of patients’ needs, and for more outstanding results to continue meeting those needs. 

We at Greenmed are realizing our vision through groundbreaking research, deep knowledge practices, tight and effective supply chain, strong delivery and distribution systems – both local and international – and through smart business collaborations.